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Accuracy Of Account Information

  • If you don’t have Turkcell Bulk Messaging account, you can either call 444 0 554 to reach our Customer Services or fill out the Test Account Request Form to apply online.
  • If you have a current Bulk Messaging account, make sure that you type your user name, password and client code correctly.
  • Make sure that correct phrases are used within the parameter fields provided in the API’s. 

Typing Your Sender Information (Originator)

Sender information must be typed as defined at the operator side. You will not be able to send messages if you type sender information other than the originator defined.

Credit Control

Postpaid accounts have safety limit while the prepaid accounts have the credits your purchased. In case that the safety limit is exceeded or you ran out of credits, you will not be able to send messages. You will need to purchase credits to proceed.

If you are a solution developer who uses a test account, you can reach Mobildev Customer Services by calling 444 0 554 to ask for increasing the safety limit.

Sending Methods

During the developing process, Sending Methods posted in the relevant API documents must be taken into consideration for sending the same message to different numbers or sending different messages to different numbers.

Use Of Language

Turkish characters are not allowed when creating a message. If you are willing to send messages with Turkish characters, you will need to get language translator support.

Use Of Characters

When sending use of the following characters are not allowed;

  • Turkish characters (ç,ş,ü,ö,ğ,Ç,Ü,Ş,Ğ,Ö,İ)
  • ~, ^^, &, <, >, €, £, ã, Ã, ‰, €, ©, ®, ∞, ° signs
  • LineFeed, Enter, Tab commands
Only the following are allowed within the message: ( ) [ ] { }  = * ? \ / % + # ! " : ; _ |

Bulk SMS Restriction

Some of the GSM numbers are restricted for receiving SMS. The owners are allowed to restrict their numbers to receive Bulk SMS (advertising and marketing content).

During the testing phase, Bulk SMS sent to GSM numbers with this restriction, will not be delivered. Therefore, we recommend that you send your test message to a GSM number without this Bulk SMS restriction.

In order to remove the restriction, the GSM number owner will need to contact with the customer services of its own operator to make a request.

Notice: It will take up to 48 hours to remove the restriction.

Concat SMS Sending

Concat SMS service offers the possibility to send messages up to 612 characters. As it adds the part information (UDH) to the message, the length of the message is limited to 153 characters for 7 bit, 134 characters for 8 bit and 67 characters for 16 bit.

Notice: For messages above 160 characters, each of the messages will only have 153 characters left!


A good solution must provide a Reporting service. It is a must that the service provider offer a detailed and up-to-date reporting service for you to measure the efficiency of your efforts numerically. The below points are crucial in reporting service:

  • Does it have reporting options basing on sending, GSM number and date?
  • Are the reports classified according to their statuses (delivered, waiting, not delivered)?
  • Is it possible to view the message text within the report?

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