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Process Support

For Solution Developers who are willing to become a Solution Partner or a Customer, Mobildev provides process support from the start till the finish.

At the first stage, Solution Developer fills in the contract belonging to the chosen partnership type. Once received, Mobildev Customer Services submit the contract to the relevant operator and follow up the process.
After the approval of the contract, the customer is notified. Then the customer can start using Bulk SMS service within its own solution.

Following the approval of the contract belonging to the Solution Partner, Mobildev Tele Sales unit calls customers existing in the Solution Partner’s customer list. The customers are given detailed information about Bulk SMS service.* For those who are willing to use the service, contracts are sent. After the receipt of the customer’s contract, signature and the appropriateness of the additional documents are checked. The activation process at the operator side is carried out with Mobildev Customer Services.

At the end of all these processes, account activation is performed. Mobildev Customer Services send user information to GSM and e-mail address of the authorized person. During the first call, it is checked whether the information is received and then, information related to Mobildev Customer Services is shared.

At the last stage, relating the application in which the Bulk SMS service will be used, referral to relevant solution partner is performed and for the follow up of the activation process, solution partner screens are shared.

* Customer list calling service is optional. Relevant service is provided by Customer Services basing on the approval of the Solution Partner.

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