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Sales Support

By providing sales support and consequently increasing their sales and the number of customers, Mobildev aims to create additional income for people and institutions that participate in SMS Developer program. With the full support provided before and during the sales, Solution Developers can take advantage of accelerating sales process, expanding market share and leaving their opponent behind.

In this respect, Mobildev provides the following for business partners whose application is tested and approved: Tele-Sales Support, Sales Manager Support, Outsource Sales Service and Customer Visit Support.

Tele-Sales Support: Creates Lead Generation (customer acquisition) by making calls using the database received from people or institutions that have customers and application currently.

Sales Manager Support: A dedicated sales manager will be assigned to cope with all possible matters, information, and questions. He/she will also be making preliminary studies for determining sales targets, plus budgeting; will be following up the orders and database to keep them up-to-date. 

Outsource Sales Service: For solution developers that reached a certain size or have the potential to do so, specialists –under Mobildev’s responsibility- are assigned to manage all the sales process; from training programs to reporting.

Customer Visit Support: For gaining reference customers and important projects, customer visits are performed with business partner. Thus, permanent solutions are created for matters like strengthening customer loyalty, developing and managing long-term relationships.

Marketing: Marketing activity is a must in order to exist in the mobile world. Mobildev provides marketing support to always put solution developers forward and make them distinctive in this important world. With effective marketing practices, solutions developers will always have the chance to promote their solutions, be noticeable in the market, and be distinctive. Marketing activities provided by Mobildev are as follows:

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