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What Is It?Ana Sayfa

SMS Developer (Solution Developer) is a program which enables all the solution developers to offer value by combining solutions and services that they provided for design, plan and implementation of value-added services with Mobildev’s expertise in technology.

The purpose of Mobildev SMS Developer Network is to enable reaching common advantage with the highest productivity and profitability by cooperating with its business partners.

In this respect, as Mobildev, our top priority is to contribute to the development of our business partners, to create opportunities for them to enter new markets and to provide the necessary environment for producing innovative solutions for associate customers.

 to have the chance to combine your solution proposals with the advanced mobile communication infrastructure, to implement your idea, recognition in the industry and to step ahead of your competitors.
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How Does It Work?Ana Sayfa

You can develop fast, easy and secure Bulk Messaging Solutions by taking advantage of Bulk Messaging API’s (Bulk SMS API, Bulk MMS API, Bulk Video API, TCK No API, Bulk E-Mail API) and using Mobildev Gateway –which is made accessible to Solution Developers- and make use of the Bulk Messaging technology effectively with the minimal cost.

Regardless of your programming language, you will always be able to find a developer tool within the SMS API collection. And by implementing these tools, you will be able to integrate Bulk Messaging feature to your solution easily.
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Why Mobildev?Ana Sayfa
Why Mobildev?
In order to get the most effective results while developing solutions for Bulk Messaging Services (Bulk SMS API, Bulk MMS API, Bulk Video API, TCK No API, Bulk E-Mail API) , it is crucial that you know the abilities of your Message Service Provider and what it can provide for you.

Mobildev is the most innovative and leading service provider in the industry it serves. Hundreds of software developer companies and people made use of Bulk Messaging Services over Mobildev platforms and integrated it to their own web pages, applications and softwares; thus served their own institutions. More than 200 software companies have been achieving successful operations over Mobildev Bulk Messaging Network.

Mobildev shares the key points in choosing the right Message Service Provider for you to achieve success in the solutions you have developed:

How Much Coverage Can Your Message Service Provider Provide?  Network coverage is crucial in choosing the Message Service Provider. Some of the service providers will not be able to relay the SMS messages to the operators or countries which they don’t have a contract.
It is crucial that your Message Service Provider has contracts with the other GSM operators in your homeland. Here follows the key points:   How Is The Network Quality That Your Message Service Provider Provide?  Very few Message Service Providers claim to offer very low prices for messages that you have used. These companies usually offer a very low standard of network quality and service. And therefore, although most of the messages could not be delivered, they will be reported as they were delivered. At this point you need to be aware of the following points:

Does Your Message Service Provider Support Necessary Protocols For You To Use In Your Own Applications?
To send and receive SMS from within your own applications, the most commonly used protocols are:

http: SMS the most widely supported protocol for sending and receiving SMS messages. Usage is very simple.
HTTPS (HTTP + SSL encryption): The data transferred over http is not secure. If you don’t want your data to be seen by others on the Internet, use HTTPS. Data through HTTPS is encrypted before transmitting over the Internet so that any attempts for “sniffing” would be blocked. XML SMS API:  Developed for the software developers that deal with XML documents so that they can integrate SMS sending to their applications over XML protocol. FTP: Developed for the software developers who deal with FTP protocol and do not need reporting feature so that they can make use of our SMS sending service. SMPP: is the protocol between SMSC (short message service centre) and ESME (external short message entity). COM Object: COM Object API is a COM solution provided for software developers who are willing to develop SMS solutions by the software development platform that they use. Although it is IDE independent, as it operates depending on the operating system support –only Windows platform-, it is a protocol that is preferred by software developers who use Microsoft technologies. Soap API: SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is designed to be used in distributed applications and web services communications. It uses RPC (Remote Procedure Call) model and is based on the client / server protocol logic.

The below are the key points:   Do The API Documents of Your Message Service Provider Have Clear Explanations?
Does It Offer Sample Project Codes?  A well documented API documents will help you, your software team and project manager. So that you can shorten the project time and improve the efficiency of your team. Be careful about the following points:
Does Your Message Service Provider Offer You The Solutions You Need?  Most of the Message Service Providers will be offering web based solutions. Those solutions may satisfy your needs but if it is a single solution method, it may restrict you and can cause additional operational work load. The more solutions your Service Provider supports, the less likely that you will have to change your Service Provider when you have different needs. The below must be taken into consideration when choosing a good Service Provider:

Which of the following solutions can your Service Provider support?

Which Of The Messaging Solutions Does Your Message Service Provider Provide? Unfortunately, most of the Service Providers can only provide SMS service due to their own capacity or due to the GSM operator capabilities. This leads restrictions in the solutions you need and also causes difficulty in reaching your target audience. Below are the key points you need to pay attention to:

Which of the following services can your Service Provider offer? The more you can get solutions from a single provider, the less you will have to share your customer data.
Can Your Service Provider Offer The Interactive Services That You Need?
In general, Bulk Messaging Services can be divided into two main categories: The first one is the one-way Bulk Messaging Service that allows you to forward your messages to your customers, while the second one is the Interactive Services that allows two-way communication with your customers.

All of the message service providers can provide the service mentioned in the first option. But, only the qualified and good service providers can provide the more difficult two-way messaging service. Below are the important points to take into consideration while choosing the service provider:

  • Can your Message Service Provider offer two-way SMS service?
  • Can it provide this service over 11 digits long service number if necessary?
  • Can your SMS Service Provider offer its service for all the operators?
  • Is this service built-in in the solutions that your SMS service Provider offers?
  • Are the API’s provided for you to use in your projects or in the solutions you use? (API considerations apply here as well)

How Good Is Your Message Service Provider’s Support Service?  A good Message Service Provider must have a qualified Technical Support Team which will be able to fulfill your needs. The members of the Support Team must be able to respond to your issues related to the subscription processes, tariffs and usage information about the products. They will also need to be smart enough to understand your issues and have enough knowledge to get back to you with a solution.

The quality of the Technical Support Team is the reflection of the firms attitude towards you. Below are the key points you need to pay attention to while choosing a Service Provider:

  • Does your Message Service Provider have a Technical Support Team?
  • Is there a Call Center number for reaching the Technical Support Team?
  • Can you reach the Technical Support Team via e-mail?
  • Does the Technical Support Team get back to you within the time period advised?
  • Can you send issues and additional service requests from within the solutions your Message Service Provider offers?
  • Is the Technical Support Team reachable during the working hours?
  • Do they have units on duty for weekends and special occasions?
  • Is the Technical Support Team patient enough to understand you and provide a solution?

Does Your Message Service Provider Offer Additional Support Services? Unfortunately, most of the Message Service Providers are content with sole credit sale. Only the good Message Service Providers invest in additional services for their customers. Below are the points to take into consideration:

  • Does your Message Service Provider offer Data Cleaning Service?
  • Does your Message Service Provider offer Online Product Training?
  • Does your Message Service Provider offer a service for preparing your messages and send them on your behalf?
  • Does your Message Service Provider support you in embedding your data into their products?
  • Does your Message Service Provider offer support services for preparing MMS, Video and E-mail?
  • Does your Message Service Provider offer support for providing outsourced manpower in case this becomes necessary?

Does Your Message Service Provider Give You Confidence? While choosing the Message Service Provider it will be enough to take the below points into consideration for you to decide whether it’s a safe place at the first glance:

  • Does the Message Service Provider quote its complete contact information on its web page?
  • Are the e-mail addresses quoted in the Message Service Provider’s web page corporate e-mail addresses?
  • Most of the Message Service Providers don’t even have their own web site. There are thousands of Message Service Providers that use the same design and content on their web sites. Does your Message Service Provider have its own corporate web site?
  • Have you checked the references (if any) quoted on the Message Service Provider’s web site?
  • Are there tariffs belonging to the operators on the web pages of your Message Service Provider?
  • Does your Message Service Provider tell you that they can offer different prices? Please note that the GSM operator tariffs are subject to Ministry Of Transport approval and therefore they cannot be customer-specific.
  • Does your Message Service Provider have a subscription procedure?
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